August 2018 Book Release “Boarding Passes to Faraway Places” by Guy Sibilla


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“Sibilla is an able evoker of detail and the various mists of mise-en-scènes. He shares the sensations of the places he visits via elegant metaphors …”~ Kirkus Reviews

[Boarding Passes to Faraway Places recounts] “Sibilla’s travels to India, Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), the cities and deserts of Syria and Jordan, Togo with its voodoo culture, the jungles of Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and the war zone of Timor-Leste. Captivating and colorful, his descriptions bring these places and their people to life.~ Clarion Review  (Four Star Rating)

“Sibilla’s storytelling skills are evident on every page. His writing is clear, atmospheric and entertaining, showing humor and depth. … Boarding Passes to Faraway Places is excellent not only as adventure/travel writing, but as a look at people from different cultures who aren’t so different after all. Readers don’t have to be travelers to appreciate this book.” ~ BlueInk Review (Highest Starred Rating)

“For anyone with a case of wanderlust, [Sibilla] leads us down roads less traveled … [Boarding Passes to Faraway Places] shows us that real travel is not about selfies at monuments, but the accidental magic that happens when you veer off known paths …” ~ Nadine Kam  (Travel Editor, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; Style Editor, Honolulu Star-Advertiser)

[Guy Sibilla] … “visits some of the world’s most spectacular landmarks but it is on the back roads, by the food stalls, inside the shared taxis and coffeehouses that we encounter the characters that form the architecture of his travels. Sibilla is a fine storyteller [and] Boarding Passes to Faraway Places encourages the armchair traveler to abandon his sofa.” ~ Chris Oliver (University of Hawaii, Editor and Writer)

[Sibilla has] “what you want in a traveling companion: the ability to tell a story gracefully but with economy, self-deprecating humor, intelligence, insight, perspective, [and] a genuine interest in others …” ~ Wanda A. Adams, Travel Editor (Honolulu Advertiser, retired)